Monday, April 13, 2009

Chapter 7, Post 2: The Man Who Does Not Exist

Flames leaped from the impact. Dirt, limbs, gravel and bark cascaded onto the hood and roof and window of the SUV, blocking the last tunnels of visibility not covered by snow. The wiper zipped across, flinging just enough dirt off the window for Elizabeth to see a large Douglas fir plummeting toward the car.

She stomped on the gas. The engine revved. Wheels spun against the slippery white froth, before churning through to asphalt and grabbing hold. The Jeep shot forward and the tree crashed down, grazing across the back door and ripping away the rear bumper.

As the cold rush of adrenaline washed over Elizabeth, she had just enough time to marvel that she was unharmed when a large mule deer shot out in front of her.

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