Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chapter 2, Post 2: The Man Who Does Not Exist

Her trip to Montana was far different. Far more important. It was make or break. Do or die. It would get her back on track to becoming partner at Montrose & Birnbaum, one of the most prestigious corporate law firms in the country, by age thirty. On this point Elizabeth was unwilling to compromise or even consider the possibility of failure.

Despite how all the shit of the past few weeks had upended years of dogged work, Elizabeth knew she could still make partner. She did not extend the same confidence to the vast majority of her colleagues. Trudging up treacherous Mount Montrose, as the junior associates referred to the firm, once was more than most people could handle. Alcoholics, ruined marriages, washouts, nervous breakdowns, and even the rare suicide littered the firm. But Elizabeth knew she had the talent and guts to do it a second time. No matter how hard she had to work, no matter what she had to sacrifice, she would not fail.

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